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How green is the management of your project? – What do you consider when you organise training sessions or events? Or what kind of marketing and dissemination materials do you use for your project? How do you travel for a project? With the Think Twice! project, implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, we want to encourage you to think twice about your day-to-day activities in managing (not only) European funded projects and the impact they might have on the environment.

Achieving sustainability of business activities, intertwining social, economic, and environmental perspectives, is one of the most challenging objectives for organisations and companies all over the world. What sometimes seems like a daunting and overwhelming mission can also be approached starting with small steps. Therefore, to support project managers across Europe, the Think Twice! project is here to share knowledge, experience and good practice examples of working and managing projects in a more ecologically sustainable way.

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The desired impact is reached by developing innovative transferable tools to make project management in general more ecologically sustainable.

Project managers ought to be more aware of the consequences of their actions and they should enhance their ability of conscious decision-making, critical thinking and practical application of ecological sustainability in everyday working procedures. We can influence the way our organisations work and become role models in view of other organisations as well as for the various target groups we work with on a daily basis within our projects.

Our aim is to enable organisations on local, regional, national and European level to critically analyse their own work practices and routines, then reconsider them taking into account green alternatives, and finally establish good practice, thus setting an example of sustainable management for other organisations.


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think twice! treasury

Curated Treasury of good practices in ecologically sustainable project management

think twice! treasury

Stress Test of current practice leading to a personalised Learning Pathway

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