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An innovative Erasmus+ (KA2) Project started its activities on September 2020 and will last 24 months. It deals with the field of ecological sustainability that responds Europe 2020 priorities, which are:

  • Environmental and climate goals (HORIZONTAL priority)
  • Enhancing access to training and qualifications for all (VET priority)

The aim of the project is to enhance ecological sustainability in European projects, raise awareness of the potential of green project management and establish good practices.

The program refers to experienced and new project managers in the field of European funded programs, organisations and companies involved in the development of projects and to educational bodies involved in this field, the ecological sustainability of enterprises.

The outputs of this project will be:

  • a Curated Treasury, which will include the good practices in ecological sustainability, with pros and cons of each practice from the European countries of the partners.
  • and the Stress Test of current practice leading to a personalised Learning Pathway, in which every project manager or company or interested will can test the ecological sustainability of its own project through a game – based learning methodology. The project managers will can informed constantly for further information and learning materials on ecological sustainability in managing projects.

Stay with us to learn more about the project!

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