How can I learn for good practices in green project management?

good practices

Think Twice! Treasury of good practices for ecological project management is available in our website!

Our Curated Treasury of good practices in ecologically sustainable project management is giving an overview of all kinds of management procedures, organization of events or trainings, etc. related to European funded projects, along with their analysis in respect of their ecological sustainability.

The aim of our Treasury is to make project managers more aware and conscious about the ecological footprint of their projects, by suggesting concrete measures, methods or tools for reducing it and/or compensating for it.

The Treasury will inspire you to find solutions within your own organization and provides you with information for you to make conscious decisions.

What can I find in the Curated Treasury?good practices

Our Curated Treasury includes:

    • a collection of good practice examples related to the different project phases (e.g. management, meetings, training, events, dissemination, etc.) offering “greener” alternatives to think about.
    • a display of the pros and cons of the more or less green alternatives for all project implementation activities.

Take the chance and navigate this innovative tool, which will help you manage your projects in an eco-friendlier way!

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