Earth Overshoot Day in Greece

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In recent years, the concept of ecological footprint is an issue that has been of concern to several countries around the world, as there have been several environmental changes.

Ecological footprint is defined as “ how we measure the effects that human activities cause on Earth. It is the demand and consumption meeting the needs of a society, as well as the waste and greenhouse gases that produced daily on areas of sea and land. It also appreciates all the natural resources needed to support the material needs of a population or individual through the technology, lifestyle and habits of each country. The unit of measurement of the ecological footprint is 1 hectare.” (Source)

The Overshoot Days for a country are when the ecological footprint is greater that the biocapacity per person, according on UN data. For Greece this day for the year 2021 was set at 22 May.

Why we have to “Think Twice!”?

Earth Overshoot Day in Greece

The issue of Ecological Footprint and environmental protection is also concerning the Erasmus+ Project Think Twice! – Ecological sustainability in project management. The aim of the project is to raise awareness to managers and project managers to work in a more sustainable way in their daily activities in the office, in the travels, in the meetings and in their every activity. The partners of the project will produce a Curated Treasury of good practices with their pros and cons and an interactive Stress Test with game-based learning methodology. Information and educational material for adult learners will be available on ecological sustainability in managing projects.

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