In time for tomorrow: If a book can save the planet, this is it


In time for tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook was written by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown. The mission is to help readers take action to decrease their carbon footprint, create less waste and educate their communities about climate change.

Whether you’re an individual ready to make changes in your lifestyle, or a project manager who wants to help lead the eco-professional revolution, this guide has all the information you need, no matter where you are in your journey.

The title itself poses the question sought by the reader: Are we addressing the climate change crisis in time to save tomorrow? Unfortunately, neither this book nor even the most knowledgeable scientists in the world can answer with 100% certainty.

But, if you aren’t content to stand by and let our planet die without a fight, this book will show you how to become an environmental warrior, a steward of nature and a guardian of this planet that we call home.

The Carbon Conversations Handbook will lead you through an intuitive journey, first exploring the facts around climate change, such as how much we need to decrease our CO2 emissions by and when, while also exploring the basic obstacles that our human condition poses when confronting climate change, through an understandable psychological lens.

In time for tomorrow

It leads readers step-by-step through how they can make their own living spaces greener without foregoing life’s best creature comforts, provides easy to follow recommendations for greener eating, such as eating what’s in season, plus strategies for reducing food waste.

It also reminds readers that 100% perfection isn’t the aim, the goal is instead the change that will result from the longterm effects of your daily efforts to do right by our planet.

Finally, this book gives readers the strategies they need to begin their own carbon conversations with their friends, family and community members.

Are you tired of hearing constantly about the growing problem of climate change without being given any actionable solutions? Then this book is for you.

Readers of this handbook will experience both an immense sense of urgency to act and an energizing infusion of inspiration to change their habits, lifestyles and in doing so, the world.

If you’re ready to begin your journey in the fight for our planet, you can download your free copy of In time for tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook from the button below. You’ll also find other helpful and free resources while you’re there.


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